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Track Length:  1.36 | Additional Versions : 9

Rough and confident classic rock 'n' roll / hard rock with a groove and feel similar to AC / DC etc. Rowdy / Tough guy / Cruising. 115 BPM.
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Dirty Disco

Track Length:  1.48 | Additional Versions : 10

An indie rock style guitar and bass riff combine with disco style drums. It's got attitude, flair and style. Influences include Franz Ferdinand, Blur,...
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Final Lap Frenzy

Track Length:  1.59 | Additional Versions : 9

A raw and gritty, fast tempo rock track with a UK / Brit / Indie-rock sound. Also a slight Surf rock influence with tremolo guitars. Exciting, raw, re...
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Track Length:  3.28 | Additional Versions : 9

Gentle ambient piano piece. Mix of classical harmony with modern and electronic soundscapes. Inspired by the classical piano works of Erik Satie, and ...
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Track Length:  2.48 | Additional Versions : 9

Slow-burning electric guitar based track. Spacious and atmospheric with building ambient instrumental layers. 66 BPM.
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Hot Rod

Track Length:  1.35 | Additional Versions : 9

A rough and gutsy, classic rock track. Moderately excited. Guys stuff / Tough guys / Bad boys with big toys. Also good for sports / X-sports etc. 167 ...
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Information Age

Track Length:  1.50 | Additional Versions : 9

It's hard to categorize this track, because it has elements of Ambient, Rock, and Electronica. Moderately fast pace, driving beat, swirling synths and...
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Once Upon an Every Day

Track Length:  1.47 | Additional Versions : 9

Quirky, uplifting track with clean electric guitars, swung beat and bright synth melody. 192 BPM.
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Punk Pop

Track Length:  1.48 | Additional Versions : 9

An unpolished, rowdy and unruly track, somewhere between Indie-rock, Punk-rock and Pop. Rebellious, maybe party girls. 173 BPM.
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Riff Raffed

Track Length:  1.38 | Additional Versions : 9

A busy, rowdy, unruly and exciting indie-rock track. High tempo, high energy level. Kind of messy and raw. 184 BPM.
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