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Rising Up

Track Length:  2.16 | Additional Versions : 13

A multi-layered, very rhythmic soft rock piece with a moderate tempo. Multiple switches in instrumentation, dynamics and intensity. Uplifting / Inspir...
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Rockin Start

Track Length:  2.06 | Additional Versions : 13

An up-tempo, modern synth-rock track, gradually building from simple beginnings to multiple, textured layers of instrumentation. Driving and melodic. ...
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Sax Me Up

Track Length:  2.00 | Additional Versions : 11

This is a highly dynamic piece, ranging from softly seductive to bold and brassy. The tempo is quick and syncopated, featuring a synthy sax with a car...
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Sports Hero

Track Length:  1.54 | Additional Versions : 11

This moderately fast hybrid pop / rock piece is packed full of action and intensity. Alternate levels of energy and nicely textured orchestration lend...
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Start Up Groovin

Track Length:  1.57 | Additional Versions : 11

Stay up and have some late night fun listening to this upbeat dance ditty. It's got a hot, funky groove, very catchy instrumentation and just a touch ...
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After The Storm 15 Mins Corporate Background Music

Track Length:  15.09 | Additional Versions : 1

15 minutes continuous, uninterrupted background music track for video productions and other media. Friendly, warm, inviting, comforting. Positive, hea...
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Cant Stop Summer

Track Length:  2.10 | Additional Versions : 13

An upbeat, syncopated pop-rock track, with a nicely textured bounce and a feel good energy that sizzles as it intensifies. Youthful / Groove / Celebra...
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Opportunity Awaits

Track Length:  2.25 | Additional Versions : 13

A folksy and uplifting moderately paced piece with strumming uke and guitar. A light and happy-go-lucky feel segues to a bolder, more full-bodied inst...
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The Funky Stuff

Track Length:  1.51 | Additional Versions : 17

A high-energy, up-tempo, horn-driven track, with ear-catching organ, guitar and drum breaks. Catchy and positive, with a slightly retro feel. 135 BPM.
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Happy to Help

Track Length:  2.19 | Additional Versions : 11

Ukulele strums, stomps, and loud claps over a light, simple melody. This easy going piece will fit perfectly over any uplifting, positive message. Com...
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