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Peruvian Home

Track Length:  2.08 | Additional Versions : 14

A bright and festive track featuring traditional Peruvian instruments such as the charango, ocarina and of course the panpipes. Conveys a very South A...
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Sakura Nights

Track Length:  2.02 | Additional Versions : 14

Calm and relaxing music featuring traditional Japanese / Oriental instruments. Meditative and cultural. 58 BPM.
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Wishing Tree

Track Length:  1.50 | Additional Versions : 14

Happy and playful track, great for advertising and joyful, care free content. Uplifting and bright. Features piano, guitars and light vocals. 133 BPM.
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Delta Dawg

Track Length:  1.45 | Additional Versions : 11

Delta blues with a mischievous vibe. Features dobro guitar and harmonica. Great for that Southern feeling. 92 BPM.
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Mississippi Walkin

Track Length:  1.56 | Additional Versions : 11

Delta blues with a laid back feel. Kinda swampy but relaxing. Features dobro slide guitar. Creates an authentic Southern vibe. 85 BPM.
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Silver Lining

Track Length:  2.29 | Additional Versions : 10

Soft, gentle and relaxing track features fingerpicked acoustic guitar and mandolin. 83 BPM.
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On My Mind

Track Length:  2.01 | Additional Versions : 10

Gentle, warm and beautiful track with a memorable melody. Features dobro. Great for sentiments. 62 BPM.
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