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What Will We Say

Track Length:  3.00

Thoughtful acoustic guitar.
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Track Length:  1.40 | Additional Versions : 5

A bouncy whacked out tune with a retro gaming feel and all the charm of a 1980's synthesizer demo! Complete with cheerful drums and cheapo plastic ins...
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Working Hard

Track Length:  0.37

A cheeky and fun nostalgic orchestral march a-la Wallace and Gromit. Reminiscent of old motivational films with a slightly wartime vibe. Upbeat. 120 B...
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When Im High (On My Love For You)

Track Length:  4.04

Laidback R&B track with groovy beats and female vocals.
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We Need Heroes

Track Length:  2.05 | Additional Versions : 8

An epic, heroic and rousing track made with an orchestral arrangement and epic drums. This track has three parts (trailer structure): An Intro, a Triu...
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We Will Meet Again

Track Length:  1.21

Thoughtful, positive and emotional cinematic score perfect for a romantic film or TV production. Acoustic piano, strings, French horns, harp.
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Were the Future

Track Length:  1.55

Indie rock band with big anthem development.
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Track Length:  4.15

Scary voices, whispering and dark hits build up the tension in this suspenseful, ominous and aggressive soundtrack. Horror music for Film and TV.
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Without Answer

Track Length:  2.35

Ambient, mysterious and suspenseful music suitable for film, TV and video projects. Percussive background, electric piano, drone, sound design.
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World in Harmony

Track Length:  1.05

Bright and uplifting World music track with a blend of ethnic instrumentation from different cultures. 60sec commercial format.
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