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Piano Impression 1

Track Length:  1.18

Emotional and romantic storytelling featuring solo acoustic piano. Suitable for Film and TV.
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Pastoral Minimalism

Track Length:  2.14

Minimalist broken piano chords with a melancholic viola melody
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Pastoral Scene

Track Length:  1.19

Bold, romantic viola melody over chamber string chords.
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Psychedelic Burst

Track Length:  1.38

Fusion of modern and retro styles. Funky bass and beats, with bluesy guitar and electric piano.
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Pulsing Organ Beat

Track Length:  1.11

Electronica with an unusual synth organ sound, deep bass and a driving beat.
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Track Length:  4.36 | Additional Versions : 5

Urban pimp-hop.
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Track Length:  3.07 | Additional Versions : 5

Up-tempo techno dance.
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Pitchforks and Lanterns

Track Length:  2.38 | Additional Versions : 3

Uneasy and slightly tense orchestral piece with mild horror and a nervous feel.
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Track Length:  1.32 | Additional Versions : 2

Funky sitar grooves over percussive fat synth sounds and contemporary snappy drums, a contemporary Indian vibe, technology and world economies.
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Present Tense

Track Length:  2.20 | Additional Versions : 1

Anxiety and tension from this orchestral piece, long high strings emphasise the worrying atmosphere, for films, documentaries and TV drama including m...
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