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Earth March

Track Length:  3.57

An irresistible mix of hip hop beat and ethnic sounds, creating an atmosphere of optimism and hope.
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Eastern Beauty

Track Length:  3.15 | Additional Versions : 3

Eastern flutes with mandolin, guitars and harps form the basis of this contemporary oriental track.
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Empty Rooms

Track Length:  1.54

Rainforest sound effects, synths and percussive effect backing combine to produce an ambient sounding backing track.
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End Of The Day

Track Length:  3.02

Piano sound solo. Flowing, folky melody and rhythmic patterns.
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Energy Of The Night

Track Length:  4.23 | Additional Versions : 2

Straight into the banging dance rhythm. Synths, pianos and guitars drive this track along.
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Track Length:  3.16

A sense of loneliness in a huge expanse of barren desert or wasteland. No percussion.
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Ethereal Place

Track Length:  2.53

Guitars provide the melody in this combination of North African and Middle Eastern music.
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Everything Is Happening Too Quickly

Track Length:  3.35 | Additional Versions : 2

Tense and full of suspense, this track is dominated by synth arpeggios and prominent drums and accompaniment.
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Track Length:  2.00 | Additional Versions : 1

Determined and dynamic. This has a dark edge to it that gives it a great feel for extreme sports and aggressive scenes.
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Track Length:  2.24

Big swirling chords and the sounds of nature create a big sounding ambient track. Light rhythm in places.
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