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Michael Cheney

Services used: Audio Editing

Lee, Thank you so much for your excellent service and professionalism in editing my audio for me. You added a level of quality and polished finish to the final audio that I could never have attained myself and at a speed and price that is second to none. Thank you again for all your help."


Matt Glass, Event Production

Services used: Royalty Free Music

The site is easy to navigate, downloadable previews are great to have and, most of all, the music is of a high quality. I look forward to using the site again soon."


Michael Cheney, Internet Marketing

Services used: Royalty Free Music

You have an incredibly user-friendly site that made it extremely easy for me to find exactly what I needed for my new media product launch. I couldn't believe how simple it was for me to find the best clips and then have them downloaded in just seconds. Thank you for your top service. "


Jay Stewart, Gendered Intelligence

Services used: Royalty Free Music

Your service has been really useful to me. Over the last few years I have been making documentaries for corporate and evaluationary measures, so the budget is ultra low. My work is never screened to a paying audience, it simply offers organisations and companies a glimpse into various projects that they have been doing. So buying music from your company has been brilliant for me."

"I'll be purchasing more in the coming months.


Duo Design

Services used: Royalty Free Music

After struggling to find the right kind of music we wanted, your site was a breath of fresh air. We were amazed at the amount of music and number of different styles you offer, and after finding what we wanted downloading it was quick and simple."


Dj Irenicus

Services used: Audio Editing

They were good after mailing a lot of companies I got a quick response and service from these people and they did what I actually asked for!!! I will be telling my friends."



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