De-breath & Polish

This service is for video producers, audio / podcast producers or voice overs who want their voice file de-breathing and making a little more sparkly.

What is de-breathing?

Quite simply this is the manual process of removing the breaths, pops and spit noises made when recording your voice into a microphone. In natural speech these sounds are not noticeable, however, given the proximity of the microphone a recorded speech makes every nuance very noticeable.

By visually identifying and manually removing the breaths and any other extraneous noises in between words the voice file sounds much more professional and produced.


No, not that kind of polish! This is the process of applying EQ and compression in our studio to give your voice over audio a bright, clean and clear sound. By applying this production processing along with de-breathing, your audio will sound really professional and ready to use in your production.

How Much Does it Cost?

We have a simple and straightforward pricing policy on this.

  • The cost is £140 (+VAT) per hour of audio you send. Minimum £35 (+VAT).

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