Audio Dialogue Editing & Production Service

Clear dialogue is the most important aspect of any spoken word project, whether an audiobook, podcast, corporate video or hypnosis recording. 

This service is a production service for voice overs and narrators who want somebody else to work on the time-consuming task of debreathing, denoising, editing and producing audio to make them sound clean and clear. We offer a professional dialogue editing service, including cutting, fading, music mixing, background hiss removal and final production. The audio you will get from us will be consistent, loud enough to be clearly audible, clean and professional sounding.

This is not a an audio restoration service, we only work on audio that is recorded well, but just needs to be enhanced for commercial purposes. We do not offer forensic services.

What's the Difference?


What We Do to Your Audio


To start with we run a denoising process to remove unwanted noise and hiss.

De-Mouth Noise

Many times when listening to audio you will notice spitty, clicky mouth noises that you would not normally notice in normal speech. 

Breath Removal

Quite simply this is the manual process of removing the breaths made when recording your voice into a microphone. In natural speech these sounds are not noticeable, however, given the proximity of the microphone in recorded speech makes every nuance very noticeable. By visually identifying and manually removing the breaths and any other extraneous noises inbetween words, the voice file sounds much more professional and produced.

Final Production

For most media scenarios audio needs to be loud and clear. The process of applying EQ and compression in our studio gives your voice over audio a bright, clean and clear sound. By applying this production processing along with de-breathing, your audio will sound really professional.

Cost Guide & Quotes

For basic dialogue denoise, debreath and production we have a set rate.

Up to 1000 words OR up to 10 minutes of audio is £30+vat in UK / EU

This is a guide price, if debreathing is not required, it could be less. If more involved production is required, for example mixing sound effects, and music it will be more.  A final quote will be given when we know the full extent of your production.

For more information and no obligation quote please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You also may find our Audio Production FAQ's useful. 


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