Writing Your On Hold Script

This Section Will Help You Prepare Your Script...

Start by writing your script in a word processing document and continue to add or edit until you are happy with it.

Writing it!

Your script may include one or more of these elements: -
  • Prompts – Directions for your callers i.e. For Accounts, press 1, For Sales, press 2, For... etc.
  • On hold sections – On hold marketing messages mixed with music whilst the caller is on hold.
  • Answer machine greetings – If the caller needs to leave a message.

Here is a quick example

On hold Message 1 - Start well. Tell the caller where they are & be courteous.
“Thank you for calling Media Music Now, one of our advisers will be with you shortly”
Music – during voice over messages, the music will be slightly raised in volume. It is important to select a piece of music that compliments your brand.
On hold message 2 – You are less than 30 seconds into keeping your caller on hold. Give them something to think about...
“On hold messaging from Media Music Now is affordable. There are no ongoing payments, no contracts and no annual PRS fees. Professional on hold marketing has never been so easy.”
On Hold Message 3 – What do your callers not know about you? 
“Did you know?...as well as providing top quality on hold messages, Media Music Now has a library of around 4000 hand-selected quality tracks of royalty free music; can provide custom written music from a choice of composers; offers professional voice-overs and a whole range of audio editing services including podcast and audio book production”  
On Hold Message 4 – Is there anything the caller should know about? This may be current news in your industry or seasonal promotion.
“As part of your on hold package, we can offer you a discounted backup price when ordered at the same time. Once you are connected, please ask your adviser for full details.”
On Hold Message 5 - You may also wish to thank your caller every minute or so and offer additional options.
“Thank you for continuing to hold, your patience is appreciated. Please continue to hold and we will be with you as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you would rather leave a message and get us to call you back please press 0 at any time.”

Tips for Writing

This is your opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and communicate directly to your caller. You should provide as many sections as required, depending on how long you expect the average caller to be on hold. Usually, 6-10 sections of dialogue are sufficient.
If you need to use menu options for directing calls, try to keep these as short as possible, for example...
 “Thank you for calling Media Music Now. So that we can connect you to the most appropriate department, please choose from the following options: press 1 for general enquiries, press 2 for help with downloads and 3 for any other enquiries. 
Once you have completed your draft, we recommend triple-checking it. After all, once recorded, it will be with you for months if not years.
  1. Re-read it more than once
  2. Read it out loud
  3. Read it to your colleagues and get them to read it back to you


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