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Rain sounds, heavy rain and soft rain, sound of rain on window pane, drops of rain and other rain sound effects.

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Thunder and Rain (SPK0076)

Effect Length:  1.48

Thunderstorm and rain.
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Roof Raindrops (SPK0487)

Effect Length:  2.21

Indoor sound from raindrops dripping on a rooftop.
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Metal Roof Raindrops (SPK0488)

Effect Length:  1.38

Raindrops dripping on a metal sheet rooftop.
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Tarpaulin Raindrops (SPK0489)

Effect Length:  1.25

Raindrops dripping on a tarpaulin.
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Heavy City Rain (SPK1358)

Effect Length:  1.04

The hiss of heavy rain in the city.
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Rainy Backyard Ambience (SPK1066)

Effect Length:  0.58

A dismal rainy background ambience, seamless loopable audio.
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Rooftop Rain Exterior (SPK1361)

Effect Length:  0.33

Steady rain falling on a rooftop.
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Heavy Rain from Inside a Vehicle

Effect Length:  1.31

The sound of heavy rain from inside a vehicle.
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Rain on a Plastic Roof Light

Effect Length:  0.09

The sound of rain hitting a plastic rooflight.
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Light Coastal Rain - Large Drops and Thunder Rumble

Effect Length:  0.27

Light coastal rain with large rain drops and thunder rumble.
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