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Lorry and Truck sound effects. Truck engines and start-up motor sounds.

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Classic Fire Truck Horn

Effect Length:  0.11

Horn blasts from old school fire truck.
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Tank Half Track Start (SFXB 4332)

Effect Length:  1.01

Vehicle sound: Tank, half track, start up, startup, idle, turn off, military, World War II
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Tank Pass By (SFXB 4333)

Effect Length:  0.13

Vehicle sound: Tank, passby, pass by, military, World War II
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Truck Engine Idle (SFXB 4348)

Effect Length:  1.13

Vehicle sound: Truck, engine, idle, steady, automobile
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Truck Pass By (SFXB 4349)

Effect Length:  0.33

Vehicle sound: Truck, passby, pass by, automobile
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Truck Start Idle Drive (SFXB 4350)

Effect Length:  0.27

Vehicle sound: Truck, start, idle, drive, off, automobile, military, World War II
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Van Side Door Close (SFXB 4352)

Effect Length:  0.02

Vehicle sound: Van side door, slide, close, automobile, minivan
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Van Side Door Open (SFXB 4351)

Effect Length:  0.01

Vehicle sound: Van side door, slide open, automobile, minivan
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Truck Engine (SPK0059)

Effect Length:  3.27

Close truck engine running.
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Jeep Ride (SPK0341)

Effect Length:  2.10

ATV ride through the desert.
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