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Basketball sound effects. Crowd and stadium ambience, announcers, cheering, cheerleaders, players on the court.

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Basketball Bounce Catch 1

Effect Length:  0.03

Basketball bounce once and catching sound.
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Basketball Miss Shot 2

Effect Length:  0.04

Missed shot against rim, bounce, and catch.
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Basketball Gym 1

Effect Length:  0.08

Dribbling a basketball on a gym floor.
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Basketball Player in Gym

Effect Length:  0.46

Single basketball player practices shots in gym.
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Hoyas Intro

Effect Length:  1.24

Introducing the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team.
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Arena Crowd Yells 1

Effect Length:  0.04

Crowd in arena yells.
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Hoya Saxa 1

Effect Length:  0.28

Georgetown University basketball fans yell hoya saxa.
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Arena Crowd Yells Airball and Defense

Effect Length:  0.32

Crowd in arena yells Airball and Defense.
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Arena Crowd Yells Defense 1

Effect Length:  0.17

Crowd in arena yells Defense repeatedly.
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Arena Foul Shot Noise 1

Effect Length:  0.21

Noise from arena crowd during foul shots at basketball game.
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