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Electronic alarm sound effects. High pitched security alarms, smoke detector alerts, emergency alarms and sirens.

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Air Raid Sirens Paris Vintage

Effect Length:  1.00

Air Raid Sirens Paris Vintage.
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Alarm Clock Beeps

Effect Length:  0.15

Technology sound effect: Alarm, clock, beeps
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Alarm Clock Buzzer

Effect Length:  0.30

Technology sound effect: Alarm, clock, buzzer, beeps
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Alarm Clock Small

Effect Length:  0.19

Technology sound effect: Alarm, clock, small, beeps
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Pager Beeps Alert (SFXB 4118)

Effect Length:  0.03

Technology sound effect: Pager, beeps, alert
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Pager Test Three Beeps (SFXB 4119)

Effect Length:  0.01

Technology sound effect: Pager, test, three, beep, alert, switch, on, off
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Pager Vibrate (SFXB 4120)

Effect Length:  0.09

Technology sound effect: Pager, vibrate, three, times
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Security System Code (SFXB 1891)

Effect Length:  0.02

Household sound: Security, system, enter, code, keypad, beeps
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Danger Alarm (SPK0562)

Effect Length:  0.12

A very intense electronic alarm signal bell.
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Nightmare Alarm (SPK0631)

Effect Length:  0.29

The ringing you might hear while slowly waking up from a nightmare.
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