Crowd Sounds / Crowd Ambience

Crowd sound effects including airport ambiences, shopping mall and supermarket sounds, bar, restaurant ambiences, street sounds, sports crowds and other crowd sound effects.

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Crowded Street Djembe Player

Effect Length:  1.48

Crowded Street Djembe Player: Man playing ethnic drum in European city on a busy day in pedestrian area.
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Night Party Crowd

Effect Length:  2.34

Night Party Crowd: Noisy night time party city ambience. Late night festival mood in city. Thumping music from several sources. Dense crowd.
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Airport Ambience1

Effect Length:  0.34

Background bustling of an airport near check-in.
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Airport Security Checkpoint 1

Effect Length:  0.32

The sounds of security personnel and announcements at an airport security checkpoint.
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Airport Security Voices 1

Effect Length:  0.29

The sounds of an airport, including security announcements over the PA.
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Banquet Cheering 1

Effect Length:  0.26

High quality stereo recording of cheering and clapping during a banquet.
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Reception 1

Effect Length:  0.37

Excellent high quality stereo recording right smack in the middle of an upbeat reception with multiple conversations and laughing.
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Reception 2

Effect Length:  0.51

Excellent high quality stereo recording smack in the middle of a lively banquet reception, lots of talking, laughing, sounds of dinnerware etc.
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Bar Crowd 1

Effect Length:  0.18

High quality stereo recording of people partying in a bar.
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Museum 1

Effect Length:  0.28

Background ambience of a Smithsonian museum setting.
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