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Crowd sound effects including airport ambiences, shopping mall and supermarket sounds, bar, restaurant ambiences, street sounds, sports crowds and other crowd sound effects.

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Airport Arrivals Away from Crowd

Effect Length:  1.15

Airport crowd ambience. Arrivals hall - recorded slightly away from main crowd. Distant talking, people walking past.
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Airport Arrivals Hall in Crowd

Effect Length:  1.23

Airport ambience. Arrivals hall, from within the crowd. Voices, push carts, dense crowd.
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Airport Cafe Ambience

Effect Length:  1.06

Airport crowd ambience. Cafe nearby. Moderate traffic of people in arrivals hall.
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Airport Ambience in Departure Hall

Effect Length:  1.09

Airport departure hall ambience. Light traffic, light crowd. People talking and walking, faint voices.
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Bar / Pub Ambience from Outside

Effect Length:  0.17

Bar or pub ambience, heard from outside through open door. People laughing, eating and drinking. Faint music from jukebox in background.
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Bar / Pub Outdoor Ambience

Effect Length:  0.25

Bar or pub ambient sound. Outdoor bar on pedestrian street. People chatting, light drinking and conversation. Outdoors. Very light traffic in distant ...
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Small Classy Bar Sounds

Effect Length:  0.29

Bar ambience. Small, classy bar. Light talking and drinks.
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Cafe Ambience in Shopping Mall

Effect Length:  0.49

Cafe ambience. Small cafe inside shopping mall. Light clinking of glasses, people walking on stone or marble floor. Light chatter from people talking.
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Children's Indoor Playground Sounds

Effect Length:  3.19

Children's indoor playground. Noisy children playing and shouting.
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Classy Restaurant Ambience

Effect Length:  0.37

Classy restaurant ambience. Light talking, chatter, conversation and dining. Occasional sounds of glasses and cutlery.
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