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Surveillance Truck Interior (SFXB 551)

Effect Length:  1.32

Emergency sound effect: Surveillance, truck, interior
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Truck Engine Idle (SFXB 4348)

Effect Length:  1.13

Vehicle sound: Truck, engine, idle, steady, automobile
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Truck Pass By (SFXB 4349)

Effect Length:  0.33

Vehicle sound: Truck, passby, pass by, automobile
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Truck Reverse Beep (SFXB 2688)

Effect Length:  0.13

Industry sound effect: Truck, reverse, beep, loop
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Truck Start Idle Drive (SFXB 4350)

Effect Length:  0.27

Vehicle sound: Truck, start, idle, drive, off, automobile, military, World War II
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Truck Trailer Jack (SFXB 2689)

Effect Length:  0.12

Industry sound effect: Truck, trailer, tongue, jack, turn, attach
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Truck Engine (SPK0059)

Effect Length:  3.27

Close truck engine running.
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ATV Bed Ride (SPK0486)

Effect Length:  1.45

Clattering noise from the back of an all terrain vehicles.
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Bus Air Condition (SPK1374)

Effect Length:  0.27

The noise of the air condition in a travel bus.
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Bus Ride Singapore (SPK1370)

Effect Length:  1.38

A ride with a public bus.
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