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1931 Model T Idling

Effect Length:  0.50

Authentic 1931 Model T idling.
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Ambiance and Police Sirens Drive by

Effect Length:  0.09

Ambiance and Police Sirens Drive by.
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Ambiance City Sirens Distance

Effect Length:  0.13

Ambiance City Sirens Distance.
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Ambiance City Sirens Footsteps Traffic

Effect Length:  0.42

Ambiance City Sirens Footsteps Traffic.
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Ambiance Long Wail

Effect Length:  0.44

Ambiance Long Wail.
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Ambiance Siren Vintage

Effect Length:  0.50

Ambiance Siren Vintage.
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Ambiance Siren Wail

Effect Length:  0.38

Ambiance Siren Wail.
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Ambulance Siren Mid 20th Century

Effect Length:  0.19

Ambulance Siren Mid 20th Century.
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Ambulance Siren Multi Layer

Effect Length:  0.20

Ambulance Siren Multi Layer.
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Ambulance Siren Vintage

Effect Length:  0.31

Ambulance Siren Vintage.
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