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Results for traffic noise

Busy Intersection Traffic - Close to Traffic Perspective

Effect Length:  4.08

Busy intersection traffic. Close to traffic perspective. Cars driving by at slow to medium speed.
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City Ambience - Light City Traffic at Intersection

Effect Length:  2.38

City ambience: Light traffic at intersection. Few cars and buses drive by, occasional footsteps.
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City Ambience - Street Corner Occasional Tram

Effect Length:  5.08

City ambience: Street corner. Cars and buses driving by in various directions, people walking by. Occasional tram.
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City Ambience - Traffic From 3rd Floor

Effect Length:  4.01

City ambience: Traffic, from 3rd floor perspective. Cars and buses drive by on streets below.
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City Ambience, Athens Greece 01

Effect Length:  3.00

City Ambience, Athens Greece 01: Corner of Sintagma Square, downtown Athens. Buses, cars, pedestrians, motorcycles and scooters. Occasional car horn h...
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City Ambience, Athens Greece 02

Effect Length:  2.44

City Ambience, Athens Greece 02: Middle of Sintagma city square, slightly away from car traffic. People, happy, walking by and talking, some children ...
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City Street Traffic, Athens Greece

Effect Length:  2.37

City Street Traffic, Athens Greece: Cars, motorcycles, mopeds, buses and trucks pass by on 4-lane street in city center.wav
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City Traffic - On Traffic Bridge

Effect Length:  3.04

City traffic: On traffic bridge. Perspective in the middle of traffic, surrounded by cars and trucks driving by in all directions.
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City Traffic - Street Level

Effect Length:  2.07

City traffic: Street level. Cars and buses drive by, some close and others more distant.
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City Traffic Downtown, Athens, Greece

Effect Length:  1.11

City Traffic Downtown, Athens, Greece: Motorcycles, buses, trucks, cars and people, mid afternoon. Seamlessly looping sound.
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