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Shaking Muted Bells (SPK0686)

Effect Length:  0.53

The shaking of a bunch of slightly muted bells.
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Pull Bell (SPK0687)

Effect Length:  0.47

A collection of sounds from pulling or ringing a bell.
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Singing Bowl Swells (SPK0688)

Effect Length:  1.17

Some swelling sounds of a rubbed Tibetan singing bowl.
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Steady Ringing Chime (SPK0689)

Effect Length:  1.20

A steady and continuous ringing chime.
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Bowl Hits (SPK0690)

Effect Length:  2.36

Hitting a metallic bowl, several versions.
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Shell Flute (SPK0691)

Effect Length:  0.39

Blowing into a Tibetan shell flute, different versions.
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Singing Bowls (SPK0692)

Effect Length:  2.59

Different sounds from several Tibetan singing bowls.
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Clock Tick (SPK0203)

Effect Length:  1.01

Kitchen clock ticking.
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Tone Dialing Idle Line (SPK0224)

Effect Length:  0.39

Tone dialling, ringing tone, idle line, Germany.
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Plastic Chirp (SPK0255)

Effect Length:  0.39

Some air whistling.
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