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City Large Crowded Street Musicians

Effect Length:  6.11

Medium crowd in European city street with street musician playing singer-songwriter music for a group of people. Car honks in the distance. Unintellig...
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City Musicians Square Slussen

Effect Length:  6.49

Light crowd in city square. Street musicians playing jazz music on trumpet and accordion. Distant city in surroundings. Occasional public transport pa...
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City Square Summer Day

Effect Length:  5.57

Footsteps and voices on light crowded city square. Medium distant traffic with some band playing blues-rock in background. Music stops after a while. ...
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City Street People and Traffic

Effect Length:  2.10

City Street People And Traffic: Near Grand Central, NYC. Crowd noise/chatter, breaks squeal, bus pulls up. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Clothes Factory Outlet, Crowd Ambience

Effect Length:  1.45

Clothes factory outlet. Outdoor crowd. Moderate pedestrian street traffic. People shopping and talking.
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Crowd: Angry Mob Protesting

Effect Length:  2.01

Crowd, Angry Mob: People protesting, shouting, displeased. Angry riot crowd, or panic in the city.
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Crowd: Angry Mob Protesting, Large Crowd

Effect Length:  2.01

Crowd, Angry Mob Large: Violent and angry crowd, riot or pandemonium, people shouting and protesting.
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Crowd: City Ambience Light Evening

Effect Length:  3.54

Crowd, City Ambience Light Evening: Relatively sparse city ambience. Restaurant area, mid evening. Occasional car driving by, faint sound of people wa...
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Crowd: City Ambience Pedestrian Area

Effect Length:  4.01

Crowd, City Ambience Pedestrian Area: Mid-afternoon, downtown Warsaw, Old Town pedestrian area. Happy, relaxed, people walking by in all directions. F...
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Crowd: Outdoor Cafe Ambience

Effect Length:  4.05

Crowd, Outdoor Cafe Ambience: City pedestrian plaza, central Warsaw. People talking and laughing, occasional faint sounds of cutlery or glasses. No mu...
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