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Synthetic Static

Effect Length:  0.37

Synthetic Static: Scifi electric buzzing, can also be a strange, buzzing being or contraption, space insect etc.
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UFO Contact

Effect Length:  0.06

Burst of an UFO trying to make contact, very high sound, pulsating. Also sound of a strange alien machine.
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UFO Flying By

Effect Length:  0.14

Retro scifi sound of UFO, flying saucer, strange alien ship or sci-fi machine making a pulsating, electronic pulse noise
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Weird Talk

Effect Length:  0.05

Space Scifi sound - Weird talk: Sci-fi, strange creatures or critters. Cute space beings communicating.
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Alien Creature Flybys (SPK0726)

Effect Length:  0.20

Alien-like flyby sounds for games, movies and trailers.
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Beautiful Birdsong (SPK0036)

Effect Length:  1.19

A bird in the forest.
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Bizarre Digital Swooshes (SPK0881)

Effect Length:  1.12

Some long and extraordinary swoosh sounds.
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Crazy Jungle Bird (SPK0019)

Effect Length:  1.20

Birdsong in the forest.
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Crazy Magic Springs (SPK0903)

Effect Length:  0.25

Magic and spacy sounding spring release sounds.
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Eerie Anomaly Bursts (SPK0859)

Effect Length:  0.24

Some abrupt space time glitch bursts passing by.
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