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Results for scary

Crazy Laugh 1

Effect Length:  0.03

Single crazy psychotic cackle.
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Crazy Lazer Mosquito

Effect Length:  0.33

Deep and creepy evil bass sound.
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Crazy Rush 1

Effect Length:  0.05

Crazy rushing sound.
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Creak Long 1

Effect Length:  0.06

Creak Long 1. Long, drawn out door creak or drawbridge creak.
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Creak Long 2

Effect Length:  0.09

Creak Long 2. Long, moaning, slow wooden door with metal hinges creak.
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Creak Long 3

Effect Length:  0.07

Creak Long 3. Multilayered heavy wooden door with hinges of metal creaking.
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Creak Long 4

Effect Length:  0.11

Creak Long 4. Painfully slow and moaning door or gate creaking, starts with a high creak and goes into a long, draw-out slow creaking sound.
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Creak Short 1

Effect Length:  0.01

Creak Short 1. Short wooden creak from a wooden chair, door or tree.
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Creak Short 2

Effect Length:  0.01

Creak Short 2. Short door open or wood stress creak.
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Creak Short 3

Effect Length:  0.02

Creak Short 3. Short, narrow, moaning wooden creak, wood movement.
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