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Car Pass and Stop (SPK0160)

Effect Length:  0.11

Car passing and stopping.
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Deep Sliding Whooshes (SPK0855)

Effect Length:  0.19

Some extraordinary scratchy flyby whoosh sounds.
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Digital Passing Slides (SPK0812)

Effect Length:  0.10

Fast flyby slide sounds with a digital touch.
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Metal Grid Slides (SPK0961)

Effect Length:  0.45

Sliding over some metal grids.
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Robot Transform Slides (SPK0828)

Effect Length:  0.28

Several sounds of a robot transforming.
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Starship Sliding Door (SPK0843)

Effect Length:  0.19

Starship doors opening and sliding.
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Starship Slowdown Slides (SPK0844)

Effect Length:  0.22

Starship flyby sounds, slowing down.
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Storm Slide Swooshes (SPK0848)

Effect Length:  0.18

Some abnormal space stormblast swooshes.
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Bright Whoosh (SPK0401)

Effect Length:  0.27

A bright whoosh or fly-by sound effect.
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Bright Whooshes (SPK0406)

Effect Length:  0.13

A bright sci-fi fly-by sound effect.
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