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Small Town Ambience, Open Plaza

Effect Length:  3.25

Small town open plaza. Small town ambience. Open city plaza, very light pedestrian crowd. Occasional traffic signals in background. Few people talking...
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Small Town Ambience, Pedestrian Street

Effect Length:  0.36

Small town city ambience. Pedestrian street, close level. Few people. Very distant hum of light car traffic. Open pedestrian plaza of small town.
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Small Town Sounds

Effect Length:  1.17

Small town outdoor ambient sound. Pedestrian area, very light crowd traffic. Adults and children talking in distance and walking by. Very faint traffi...
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Batavias Rice Field

Effect Length:  2.50

Batavias Rice Field: Outdoor ambience. Quiet afternoon in rice field. Breeze, insects, few birds, children playing in far distance.
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Outdoor Daytime Ambience 1

Effect Length:  2.41

Outdoor daytime ambience 1: Quiet Far Eastern country farmyard ambience. Birds, light breeze.
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Outdoor Daytime Ambience 2

Effect Length:  2.53

Outdoor daytime ambience 2: Far Eastern park area. Quiet surroundings, birds, light breeze. Occasional distant duck.
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Outdoor Daytime Ambience 3

Effect Length:  2.23

Outdoor daytime ambience 3: Fewer birds, more insects. Occasional cockerel in distance, and some very distant traffic.
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Outdoor Evening Ambience 1

Effect Length:  2.38

Outdoor evening ambience 1: Exotic countryside evening. One cricket close, more crickets in distance. Distant frogs and few birds.
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Outdoor Evening Ambience 2

Effect Length:  2.22

Outdoor evening ambience 2: Night time exotic forest area with many crickets and frogs. Waterfall in the distance.
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Outdoor Evening Ambience 3

Effect Length:  1.25

Outdoor evening ambience 3: Night time on porch. Close up on one cricket, with more insects, cicadas, crickets in background.
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