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Farmland Ambience 01

Effect Length:  0.45

Farmland Ambience 01: Many birds, distant farm vehicles and general farming activity. Very faint voices.
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Farmland Ambience 02

Effect Length:  0.32

Farmland Ambience 02: Very thick chorus of birds tweeting, general rural ambient noise and occasional distant voices.
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Forest Air Ambience

Effect Length:  1.26

Forest Air Ambience: Quiet day in woodlands, even breeze through trees, very distant river, no birds, just open air sound. Swamp, marsh and woods soun...
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Gentle River Loop 01

Effect Length:  0.31

Gentle River Loop 01: A very calm, gentle and relaxing sound of a small river, creek or brook. Water trickling playfully downstream. Seamlessly loopin...
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Gentle River Loop 02

Effect Length:  1.15

Gentle River Loop 02: Water splashing and trickling gently down a small river. Good stereo definition, approx. 6 ft from water perspective. Seamlessly...
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Gentle Stream Water Loop

Effect Length:  1.29

Gentle Stream Water Loop: Crystal clear water flowing gently down a small river, brook or creek. Seamlessly looping sound.
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Ice Cold Wind

Effect Length:  4.03

Ice Cold Wind: Ice cold, howling wind, blustery wind whistle with very slight leaves rustling. Eerie, lonely wastelands or wintery mountains.
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Large River Loop

Effect Length:  0.58

Large River Loop: A medium to hard river flowing evenly. Perspective approx. 10 ft from water, good stereo definition. Seamless loop.
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Light City Pedestrian Street Sounds

Effect Length:  0.45

Light city ambience. Pedestrian street, close level. People walking, talking, very distant light hum of cars.
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Long River Loop

Effect Length:  4.38

Long River Loop: A long sound of a medium to heavy river flowing evenly downstream. Seamlessly looping sound.
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