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Paper Towel Use (SPK0212)

Effect Length:  0.35

Kitchen roll, roll rip sweep scrunch drop.
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Light Switch (SPK0213)

Effect Length:  0.07

Switch bedside lamp on and off.
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Plastic Switch (SPK0214)

Effect Length:  0.10

Switching on and off plastic switch.
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Marker Open Close (SPK0232)

Effect Length:  0.11

Pencil cap pull off, put on.
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Dark Fan (SPK0266)

Effect Length:  2.09

Switching on and off and operation of a dark sounding fan.
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Ceramic Hotplate Stove (SPK0268)

Effect Length:  0.29

Switching on and off and operation of a ceramic hotplate stove.
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Cigarette Lighter (SPK0270)

Effect Length:  0.10

Using a cigarette lighter.
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Plastic Button (SPK0273)

Effect Length:  0.05

Switching a plastic switch.
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Toaster on and Off (SPK0285)

Effect Length:  0.34

Turning a toaster on and off.
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Neon Light On (SPK0300)

Effect Length:  1.19

Switching on and buzz of fluorescent tubes.
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