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Amb Pachinko Parlour Tokyo Japan

Effect Length:  1.07

Amb pachinko parlour Tokyo Japan: Games arcade ambience, Tokyo, Japan. Pachinko parlour, casino ambience. Cacophony of noise from many slot machines, ...
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Amp Noise and Static 1

Effect Length:  1.02

Amp Noise and Static 1: Electricity, voltage, buzzing, constant.
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Amp Noise and Static 2

Effect Length:  1.03

Amp Noise and Static 2: Electricity, voltage, buzzing, fluctuating.
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Amp Noise Static Feedback

Effect Length:  1.41

Amp Noise Static Feedback: Electricity, hum and buzz, then high pitched feedback noise.
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Amp Static

Effect Length:  1.05

Amp Static: Electric buzz, hum, constant, static electricity noise from a guitar amp.
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Amp Static Fluctuating

Effect Length:  1.08

Amp Static Fluctuating: Electric buzz, hum, shifting, static electricity noise from a guitar amp.
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Busy Farm Ambience (Mono)

Effect Length:  1.15

Busy Farm Ambience: Tractor driving around farm, thick chorus of birds, livestock, many cows mooing.
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Children's Indoor Playground Sounds

Effect Length:  3.19

Children's indoor playground. Noisy children playing and shouting.
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Engine Room Loop

Effect Length:  0.04

Engine room: Sci-fi, spaceship reactor or core. High noise level, huge rotating parts. Seamlessly looping sound.
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Junk Crash 03

Effect Length:  0.02

Junk Crash 03. Junk crash. Short, abrupt impact noise with glass breaking and other debris.
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