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Amb Neighbourhood Loudspeaker Male Crow Tokyo Japan

Effect Length:  1.08

Amb neighbourhood loudspeaker male crow Tokyo Japan: Residential ambience, Tokyo, Japan. Man speaking in Japanese on megaphone loudspeaker. Crow cawin...
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City Neighbourhood Daytime

Effect Length:  1.05

City Neighbourhood Daytime: General residential ambience. Distant traffic, kids and men talking and laughing in background, unintelligible voices. Tra...
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Garden City Life

Effect Length:  1.45

Garden City Life: Ambient noises of a garden in the city. Some dogs barking and distant vehicles. Lawn mower starts and runs for a while, then stops.
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Neighbourhood Background Constant Yappy Dog

Effect Length:  0.59

Neighbourhood Background Constant Yappy Dog: Night time residential area, distant helicopter. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Suburban Neighbourhood With Dog

Effect Length:  0.55

Suburban Neighbourhood With Dog: Residential area ambience. Dog close up. Dog stops barking after 00:16. Vehicles pass by, some birds in trees. Traffi...
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Neighborhood Rain (SFXB 4937)

Effect Length:  1.36

Weather sound effect: Neighbourhood, after, rain, storm, ambience
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Subdivision Day (SFXB 145)

Effect Length:  2.00

Ambience sound effect: Subdivision, day, birds, insects, neighbourhood
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Suburban Day Birds (SFXB 147)

Effect Length:  0.33

Ambience sound effect: Suburban, day, birds, dog, neighbourhood
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Suburban Day Lawn Mower (SFXB 148)

Effect Length:  2.16

Ambience sound effect: Suburban, day, lawn, mower, birds, neighbourhood
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Thunder Clap (SFXB 4981)

Effect Length:  0.12

Weather sound effect: Thunder clap, neighbourhood, dog, bark, birds
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