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Kindergarten Traffic

Effect Length:  1.51

Kindergarten, playground, in city centre. Semi-distant with unrecognizable language. Occasional kids shout. A feeling of cold weather, winter or autum...
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Effect Length:  3.56

Kids playing, children voices. Light traffic in the distance. Language is unrecognizable. Occasional cars passing by. Birds singing. Traffic & City So...
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City Park Russian English

Effect Length:  2.31

City Park Russian English: Active crowd ambience, children, men and women, Russian and English voices. Men playing dominoes, kids on playground. Crow ...
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Playground Kids Playing Long

Effect Length:  1.27

Playground Kids Playing Long: Children playing with swings in playground. Children and parents talking, distant city noise. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Playground Kids Playing Loop

Effect Length:  0.29

Playground Kids Playing Loop: Children playing with swings in playground. Children and parents talking, distant city noise. Seamlessly looping sound. ...
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City Children's Playground

Effect Length:  1.16

City Children's Playground: School back yard in centre of Athens, Greece. Many kids shouting and playing, some traffic passing by. Seamlessly looping ...
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Merry-Go-Round Music

Effect Length:  2.00

Merry-go-round music. Merry-go-round. Children's theme park, playing organ music
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Merry Go Round 1

Effect Length:  0.18

Merry-go-round music, clear recording.
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Playground 1

Effect Length:  0.29

Background ambience of a playground including the sound of swings and kids and parents laughing, shouting, etc.
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Children Playing 1

Effect Length:  0.24

The sounds of a crowd of school children playing and laughing in a park outside.
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