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Amb Afternoon Cicadas September Tokyo Japan

Effect Length:  1.05

Amb afternoon cicadas September Tokyo Japan: Afternoon cicadas on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, in September. Many crickets, general swamp sound or m...
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Amb Crickets Koi Pond Kyoto Zen Garden Night Japan

Effect Length:  1.05

Amb crickets Koi pond Kyoto Zen garden night Japan: Zen garden, Kyoto, Japan. Koi pond, crickets ambience, night time, Japanese / Oriental outdoor amb...
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Amb Crickets Water Rush Zen Garden Kyoto Japan

Effect Length:  0.31

Amb crickets water rush Zen Garden Kyoto Japan: Zen garden with water feature. Kyoto, Japan. Crickets, cicadas, light water rush. Seamlessly looping s...
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Amb Crowd Chatter Clanks Tokyo Japan Market 01

Effect Length:  0.33

Amb crowd chatter clanks Tokyo Japan market 01: Crowd ambience, Tokyo, Japan. Market ambience with people talking in Japanese and various clanks. Soun...
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Amb Crowd Chatter Clanks Tokyo Japan Market 02

Effect Length:  1.00

Amb crowd chatter clanks Tokyo Japan market 02: Market in Tokyo Japan. Japanese crowd ambience. Various chatter, happy, light. People walking by and t...
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Amb Crowd Chatter Clanks Tokyo Japan Market 03

Effect Length:  0.59

Amb crowd chatter clanks Tokyo Japan market 03: Tokyo, Japan, market crowd ambience. Japanese crowd noise, happy, light. Various clanks. Seamlessly lo...
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Amb Insects Birds Tsumago Japan

Effect Length:  0.35

Amb insects birds Tsumago Japan: Tsumago, Japan: Dense insects ambience with birds. Crickets, flies, cicadas. Outdoor, countryside, rural Japanese amb...
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Amb Koi Pond Night Cricket Magome Japan

Effect Length:  2.36

Amb Koi pond night cricket Magome Japan: Magome, Japan, Koi pond night time ambience. Japanese garden, water babbling, single cricket singing. Distant...
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Amb Merchant Female Register Tokyo Japan

Effect Length:  1.19

Amb merchant female register Tokyo Japan: Small shop, merchant in Tokyo, Japan. Female shop assistant, various small store noises. Japanese voices, ca...
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Amb Neighbourhood Loudspeaker Male Crow Tokyo Japan

Effect Length:  1.08

Amb neighbourhood loudspeaker male crow Tokyo Japan: Residential ambience, Tokyo, Japan. Man speaking in Japanese on megaphone loudspeaker. Crow cawin...
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