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Inside Airport X-ray 1

Effect Length:  0.34

Unique recording of the inside of an airport security X-Ray machine. The recorder was actually put through the machine during the security check.
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Bag Hand Reach Inside

Effect Length:  0.02

Foley sound effect: Bag, hand, reach, inside
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Bag Paper Hand Reach

Effect Length:  0.02

Foley sound effect: Bag, paper, hand, reach, inside
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Airplane Ambience (SPK0130)

Effect Length:  2.55

Inside a commercial airplane during flight.
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Apartment Door (SPK0154)

Effect Length:  0.02

Open and close apartment door.
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Apartment Door Unlock (SPK0153)

Effect Length:  0.05

Entering an apartment.
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Between Train Wagons (SPK0139)

Effect Length:  1.40

Noisy train ride ambience between wagons.
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Bus Ride El Salvador (SPK0040)

Effect Length:  1.44

A bus ride, Spanish voices.
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Idle Van Engine (SPK0140)

Effect Length:  0.37

Van engine running.
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Inside of a Refrigerator (SPK0072)

Effect Length:  0.57

Refrigerator interior ambience.
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