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Electrical Hum Drone 03

Effect Length:  0.58

Science Fiction sound effect: Electrical, hum, drone
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Factory Hum

Effect Length:  0.45

Ambience sound effect: Factory, hum, industry
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Factory Low

Effect Length:  2.01

Ambience sound effect: Factory, low, mechanical, hum, industry
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Guitar Amp Hum

Effect Length:  1.28

Foley sound effect: Guitar, amp, hum
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Laser Sword Hum (SFXB 3742)

Effect Length:  0.02

Science Fiction sound effect: Laser, sword, hum, cartoon
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Spaceship Interior (SFXB 3836)

Effect Length:  1.25

Science Fiction sound effect: Spaceship, interior, hum
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Boiler Room Ambience (SPK0061)

Effect Length:  1.00

A basement boiler room ambience.
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Lots of Flies (SPK0090)

Effect Length:  0.35

Flies on a window.
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Magic Flyby Buzz (SPK0753)

Effect Length:  0.20

Magic flyby sounds for games, movies and trailers.
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Strange Insect Noise (SPK0004)

Effect Length:  0.52

Close insect sound.
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