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House Interior Heavy (SFXB 659)

Effect Length:  2.13

Fire sound effect: House, interior, heavy, flames, loop
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House Interior Light (SFXB 660)

Effect Length:  2.13

Fire sound effect: House, interior, light, flames, loop
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Rain House Gutter (SFXB 4947)

Effect Length:  1.02

Weather sound effect: Rain, house, gutter, loop
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Propeller (SPK0080)

Effect Length:  1.05

Propeller-driven airplane passing.
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Wooden Door Squeaks (SPK0151)

Effect Length:  1.23

Squeaking creaking door.
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Wooden Door (SPK0174)

Effect Length:  0.06

Open and close wooden door.
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Clock Tick (SPK0203)

Effect Length:  1.01

Kitchen clock ticking.
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Door Open and Slam (SPK0281)

Effect Length:  0.04

Fast opening, then slamming of a modern wooden door.
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Dog Whimper (SPK0438)

Effect Length:  3.35

A whiny whimpering little dog.
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Angry Dog (SPK0439)

Effect Length:  0.22

A whimpering dog, getting more angry.
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