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Wooden Door Squeaks (SPK0151)

Effect Length:  1.23

Squeaking creaking door.
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Metal Hinge Rattling (SPK0274)

Effect Length:  0.22

Clatter from the movement of metal hinge.
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Plastic Flap Squeak (SPK0415)

Effect Length:  0.50

A squeaking and creaking plastic flap.
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Trap Flap (SPK0416)

Effect Length:  0.19

A heavy, metal trap flap creaking.
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Creaky Hallway Door (SPK0428)

Effect Length:  0.32

A creaky and cracking public building hallway door.
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Squeaky Hinge (SPK0504)

Effect Length:  0.13

A squeaky hinge whistling.
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Creaky Hinge (SPK0508)

Effect Length:  0.47

Creaky, rubbery hinge movement sounds.
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Flap Creak (SPK0532)

Effect Length:  0.36

A plastic flap creaking and squeaking.
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Creaky Wooden Closet Door 01 (SPK5691)

Effect Length:  0.01

A creaking door sound.
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Creaky Wooden Closet Door 02 (SPK5692)

Effect Length:  0.03

A creaking door sound.
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