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Fireworks - Distant Screamers

Effect Length:  0.05

New Year's fireworks with distant firework screaming sounds.
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Fireworks - Double Bang

Effect Length:  0.02

New Year's fireworks with a double bang sound from a firework.
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New Year Fireworks - Build-Up

Effect Length:  0.26

New Year's fireworks starting quietly with the firework sounds building up
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New Year Fireworks - Distant Bangs

Effect Length:  0.52

New Year's fireworks with the sound of distant firework bangs.
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New Year Fireworks - Long

Effect Length:  4.09

New Year's fireworks with sounds of bangs, whistles, fizzes and other firework distant firework sounds.
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New Year Fireworks - Short

Effect Length:  0.17

Short recording of New Year's fireworks with continuous firework bangs and a fizz sound at the end.
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Sporadic Bangs With Distant Fireworks

Effect Length:  0.36

Sound of New Year's fireworks with sporadic bangs and distant fireworks.
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Ambient Fireworks - Bangs Whistles and Fizzes

Effect Length:  0.33

New Year's fireworks with bang, whistle and fizz firework sounds.
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