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Busy Farm Ambience (Mono)

Effect Length:  1.15

Busy Farm Ambience: Tractor driving around farm, thick chorus of birds, livestock, many cows mooing.
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Country Ambience Voices

Effect Length:  0.40

Country Ambience Voices: Outdoor at Cypriot countryside. Birds tweeting, distant cars, small dog and faint voices.
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Farmland Ambience 01

Effect Length:  0.45

Farmland Ambience 01: Many birds, distant farm vehicles and general farming activity. Very faint voices.
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Farmland Ambience 02

Effect Length:  0.32

Farmland Ambience 02: Very thick chorus of birds tweeting, general rural ambient noise and occasional distant voices.
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Harvest Women 1

Effect Length:  2.56

Harvest women 1: Farmer woman working, discharging rice from rice straw. Occasional talking.
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Harvest Women 2

Effect Length:  0.33

Harvest women 2: Closer recording than the above, with more articulated sound of rice falling.
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Rural Ambience 01

Effect Length:  0.58

Rural Ambience 01: General outdoor country ambience. Many small birds tweeting, moped or scooter driving in the distance, occasional gusts of wind
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Windy Rural Ambience

Effect Length:  0.30

Windy Rural Ambience: Wind blowing through trees along a quiet country road. Birds singing. Very distant sound of motorbike driving. Occasional metal ...
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A Grunting Pig (SPK0047)

Effect Length:  0.42

A pig grunting.
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Meadow Cowbells (SPK0718)

Effect Length:  1.10

The idyllic sound of ringing cow bells, separated recording.
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