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Cows Many Bellowing

Effect Length:  0.50

Cows Many Bellowing.
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Cows Mooing Market Atmosphere

Effect Length:  0.11

Cows Mooing Market Atmosphere.
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Cows Two Mooing

Effect Length:  0.25

Cows Two Mooing.
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Cows Waiting At Auction

Effect Length:  0.39

Cows Waiting At Auction.
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Farm Tractor 1

Effect Length:  0.16

High quality stereo recording of an old farm tractor driving past.
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Farm Tractor Short

Effect Length:  0.07

Small farm tractor drives.
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Farmland Ambience 01

Effect Length:  0.45

Farmland Ambience 01: Many birds, distant farm vehicles and general farming activity. Very faint voices.
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Farmland Ambience 02

Effect Length:  0.32

Farmland Ambience 02: Very thick chorus of birds tweeting, general rural ambient noise and occasional distant voices.
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Fierce Bull Vintage 1

Effect Length:  0.03

Fierce Bull Vintage 1.
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Fierce Bull Vintage 2

Effect Length:  0.03

Fierce Bull Vintage 2.
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