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Traffic Cars

Effect Length:  2.37

Medium heavy street traffic with birds. Some high squeals from cars and people passing on gravel. Occasional crows caw. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Traffic Cars Pass By Calm Environment

Effect Length:  4.23

Small town light traffic ambience. Close recording of cars passing by. Fairly calm, airy environment. Cars passes with medium interval. Traffic & City...
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Traffic Crossing

Effect Length:  2.02

Close recording of Swedish traffic crossing. Two different types of crossing signals. Heavy traffic passing by in background. Trucks mixed with cars. ...
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Traffic Heavy Car Line

Effect Length:  3.26

Traffic queue. Cars and semi trailer trucks pass by and stop in line. Some high squeals from breaks, rush hour. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Traffic Heavy Trucks

Effect Length:  4.08

Heavy traffic, mostly big trucks passing on big street. Car honking. Exhaust system from truck. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Traffic Semi Distant Light Birds

Effect Length:  5.26

Light city ambience. Feeling of a distant city with light spring birds. Medium movement from road with some occasional voices in distant. Traffic & Ci...
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Traffic Street Cars Trucks

Effect Length:  3.23

Medium distant motor traffic. Some occasional trucks passing. Car stops, open and closes door. Some big trucks. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Traffic Street Noon

Effect Length:  4.09

Semi close recording of cars passing by. Early spring birds in distance. People walk by. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Traffic Tunnel Garage Footsteps Doors Open

Effect Length:  3.22

Under the city. Recording from inside a quiet concrete tunnel. Sense of ventilation and city above. Some mystic sounds from doors open and close at a ...
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Traffic Tunnel Traffic Slussen

Effect Length:  4.19

Slussen (Busy traffic center in Stockholm, Sweden). Recording from inside a car tunnel. Flat sounding medium heavy traffic from above. Some occasional...
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