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City Ambience - Traffic From 3rd Floor

Effect Length:  4.01

City ambience: Traffic, from 3rd floor perspective. Cars and buses drive by on streets below.
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City Ambience at Night

Effect Length:  0.27

City Ambience at Night: Distant traffic, distant dog barking, clanking metal.
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Empire State Building

Effect Length:  1.28

Empire State Building: New York City noise recorded from observation deck. Distant city roar, some chatter. Long distant siren. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Explosion Huge Distant

Effect Length:  0.08

Explosion, Huge, Distant.
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Explosion Space Distant 01

Effect Length:  0.10

A deep explosion, reverberant and long lasting. Distant space explosion, underground explosion or underwater boom.
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Massive Space Impact 03

Effect Length:  0.10

Massive Space Impact 03: Very distant space explosion or underwater explosion with heavy reverb.
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Space Explosion

Effect Length:  0.15

Distant explosion in space, very long decay, long reverberation
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Underwater or Deep Space Impact

Effect Length:  0.17

Underwater or Deep Space Impact: Very reverberant, very distant explosion or impact underwater. Submarine presence.
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Weather Thunder Crack Roll Rumble 01

Effect Length:  0.26

A medium-distant thunder crack with thunder roll. No rain.
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Weather Thunder Crack Roll Rumble 02

Effect Length:  0.45

A long lasting, rolling thunder sound. Distant thunder roll. No rain.
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