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Results for detonation

Blow Away Blasts (SPK0804)

Effect Length:  0.26

Some windy air blasts.
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Deep Laser Blasts (SPK0809)

Effect Length:  0.25

Deep sounding laser blast explosions in the distant space.
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Digital Glitch Eruptions (SPK0857)

Effect Length:  0.34

Some digital sounding explosions or outbursts.
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Dragon Fire Bursts (SPK0737)

Effect Length:  0.20

Dragon fire burst sounds for games, movies and trailers.
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Eerie Anomaly Bursts (SPK0859)

Effect Length:  0.24

Some abrupt space time glitch bursts passing by.
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Eerie Storm Blasts (SPK0815)

Effect Length:  0.21

Storm blasts from another world.
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Electric Shock Bursts (SPK0913)

Effect Length:  0.10

Some outbursts of electricity.
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Electric Sizzle Bursts (SPK0915)

Effect Length:  0.31

Some hissing outbursts of electricity.
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Evil Creature Bursts (SPK0860)

Effect Length:  0.24

Some outburst noises of an evil creature.
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Evil Storm Blasts (SPK0917)

Effect Length:  0.41

Chaotic eerie sounding stormblasts.
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