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Scratchy Slide Flybys (SPK0869)

Effect Length:  0.24

Starships passing by, scratching some digital surface.
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Squeaky Wooden Door (SPK0082)

Effect Length:  1.11

Door squeaking.
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Wood Blast Impacts (SPK0849)

Effect Length:  0.14

Odd wooden sounding impact sounds.
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Wooden Door Squeaks (SPK0151)

Effect Length:  1.23

Squeaking creaking door.
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Squeaky Rubber Slat (SPK0201)

Effect Length:  1.34

Squeaky noises.
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Crush Drinking Can (SPK0227)

Effect Length:  0.24

Crushing a can.
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Basketwork Creaking (SPK0256)

Effect Length:  1.20

Creaking and rustling of a rope or basketwork.
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Air Balloon Rubbing (SPK0263)

Effect Length:  1.01

Creaky rubbing of an air balloon.
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Metal Flap Creaking (SPK0269)

Effect Length:  1.12

Scary creaking of a metal flap or trap door.
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Wood Crack (SPK0290)

Effect Length:  0.25

Cracking some small pieces of wood.
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