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Results for crackle

Unfold Paper Leaflet (SPK0974)

Effect Length:  0.44

Unfolding a paper insert leaflet.
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Ripping Cardboard (SPK0984)

Effect Length:  0.20

Ripping cardboard into pieces.
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Cardboard Pile Rummage (SPK0985)

Effect Length:  0.49

Rummaging in a cardboard pile.
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Turn a Little Crank (SPK0991)

Effect Length:  0.34

Steady turning of a little crank.
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Shaking a Trash Bag (SPK0993)

Effect Length:  0.27

Shaking a fresh trash bag.
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Trash Bag Handling (SPK0994)

Effect Length:  0.51

Handling a rustling trash bag.
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Trash Bag Rustling (SPK0995)

Effect Length:  0.47

Steady rustling of a trash bag.
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Crunchy Bread (SPK0997)

Effect Length:  0.23

Crackle of some crunchy bread.
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Digital Error Sizzle (SPK0628)

Effect Length:  0.27

Crackling of a faulty digital data transmission.
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Rustle in the Bushes (SPK0613)

Effect Length:  2.01

Something is rustling in the bushes.
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