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General Countryside Ambience

Effect Length:  1.00

General Countryside Ambience: Recorded in rural countryside area upstate New York on a hot summer day. Buzzing insects, single bird tweeting repeatedl...
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Howling Wind Inside Perspective

Effect Length:  1.35

Howling Wind Inside Perspective: Heard from inside cabin, an eerie, howling, lonely wind blows over the wastelands outside. Seamlessly looping sound.
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Strong Constant Wind

Effect Length:  4.09

Strong Constant Wind: An even gale wind blows over barren ground, snow or ice. A very slight howl comes and goes. Seamlessly looping sound.
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Strong Wind Ambience

Effect Length:  4.06

Strong Wind Ambience: Lonely, howling wind blowing over naked landscapes. Wide stereo image. Seamlessly looping sound.
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Very Light Seaside Ambience

Effect Length:  2.12

Very Light Seaside Ambience: A very sparse outdoor ambience near the sea. Very light splashing from the ocean, light wind, very few birds and occasion...
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Car By Country Road

Effect Length:  0.13

Car by, country road. Car drives by on country road with tarmac surface, moderate speed, recording close to road surface.
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Two Cars by

Effect Length:  0.07

Two cars by. Two cars drive by on country road. Left to right.
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Farm Tractor 1

Effect Length:  0.16

High quality stereo recording of an old farm tractor driving past.
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Small Farm Tractor 1

Effect Length:  0.29

Small farm tractor drives.
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Small Farm Tractor Cab

Effect Length:  0.27

Inside tractor cab.
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