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Back Yard Children Swedish Mother

Effect Length:  3.52

Residential back yard with distant city. Swedish voices of mother and children with a feeling of echo between house walls. Traffic & City Sounds.
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Birds Construction Machine

Effect Length:  1.56

Construction in city. Many small birds singing beside road with light traffic. Rattle and crane engine from construction nearby. Traffic & City Sounds...
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Birds Distant Highway Spring

Effect Length:  1.48

Various city birds singing with distant, even traffic ambience. Some perception of wind. Traffic & City Sounds.
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City Calm Birds Some Voices

Effect Length:  5.37

General quiet city park ambience. Very muffled voices mumbling. A confined feeling with a sense of motor traffic in the distance. Traffic & City Sound...
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City Calm Voices Cars Evening

Effect Length:  5.52

Voices next to moderate town traffic. Calm environment. Faint sound of motorcycle driving in distance. General outdoor light city ambience. Traffic & ...
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City Crowd Crazy Harmonica

Effect Length:  4.44

Crowded street with many voices in Swedish. Street musician plays harmonica badly for people passing by. Medium traffic in surroundings. Traffic & Cit...
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City Demonstration

Effect Length:  2.42

Anti-racist demonstration in Swedish city. Group of people shouting and chanting, light traffic.? Traffic & City Sounds.
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City Horse Parade Demonstration

Effect Length:  6.17

Pomp and ceremony music played by marching band. Occasional voices in Swedish. Horse parade walking by on tarmac, followed by a crowd of people, anti-...
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City Large Crowded Street Musicians

Effect Length:  6.11

Medium crowd in European city street with street musician playing singer-songwriter music for a group of people. Car honks in the distance. Unintellig...
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City Large Crowded Street Spring Birds

Effect Length:  6.10

Light crowded street with spring birds and Swedish voices. Children crying. Travel bag with wheels on cobblestone. Very faint cutlery in background. T...
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