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Kremlin Square Ambience (SPK0117)

Effect Length:  0.54

Moscow city ambience kremlin square.
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Kremlin Square Ambience (SPK0118)

Effect Length:  4.47

Moscow city ambience kremlin square, church bells ringing.
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Pedestrians Moscow (SPK0124)

Effect Length:  3.36

Moscow city ambience, underground pedestrian passage.
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City Traffic Moscow (SPK0125)

Effect Length:  2.16

Moscow city ambience.
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City Life Moscow (SPK0129)

Effect Length:  2.36

Moscow city ambience in front of a metro station.
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Novice Driver (SPK0132)

Effect Length:  4.03

City side street ambience.
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Calm City Night (SPK0134)

Effect Length:  0.33

Calm industrial area at night.
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City Traffic After Rain (SPK0147)

Effect Length:  1.32

City ambience after rain.
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Rooftop Seagulls Spain (SPK0148)

Effect Length:  1.00

City ambience with seagulls recorded on a rooftop in Spain.
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Ducks Quack (SPK0161)

Effect Length:  1.05

Ducks quacking in a park.
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