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Amb Crowd Chatter Clanks Tokyo Japan Market 01

Effect Length:  0.33

Amb crowd chatter clanks Tokyo Japan market 01: Crowd ambience, Tokyo, Japan. Market ambience with people talking in Japanese and various clanks. Soun...
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Amb Crowd Chatter Clanks Tokyo Japan Market 02

Effect Length:  1.00

Amb crowd chatter clanks Tokyo Japan market 02: Market in Tokyo Japan. Japanese crowd ambience. Various chatter, happy, light. People walking by and t...
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Amb Crowd Chatter Clanks Tokyo Japan Market 03

Effect Length:  0.59

Amb crowd chatter clanks Tokyo Japan market 03: Tokyo, Japan, market crowd ambience. Japanese crowd noise, happy, light. Various clanks. Seamlessly lo...
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Amb Public Chatter Coins Clang Tokyo Japan Shrine

Effect Length:  1.11

Amb public chatter coins clang Tokyo Japan shrine: Street ambience, Tokyo, Japan. In front of a shrine, people chatting and coins clanking. Japanese c...
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Amb Public Chatter Male Speaker Street Tokyo Japan

Effect Length:  1.21

Amb public chatter male speaker street Tokyo Japan: Tokyo, Japan. Pedestrian / park area with male Japanese speaker and general Japanese crowd ambienc...
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Amb Public Street Chatter Tokyo Japan

Effect Length:  0.36

Amb public street chatter Tokyo Japan: General public street ambience, Tokyo, Japan. Light people chatter in Japanese, distant traffic. Distant helico...
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City Cafe Street Ambience

Effect Length:  1.00

City Cafe Street Ambience: Downtown Athens, Greece, pedestrian area with several cafes on the street. Light crowd ambience, people mumbling and chatti...
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City Large Crowded Street Spring Birds

Effect Length:  6.10

Light crowded street with spring birds and Swedish voices. Children crying. Travel bag with wheels on cobblestone. Very faint cutlery in background. T...
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City Musicians Parliament

Effect Length:  3.57

Street musicians playing some sort of Russian inspired folk music on accordion and tambourine. Medium street crowd outside Stockholm parliament buildi...
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City Square Accordion Early Spring Birds

Effect Length:  6.04

Street musician playing accordion in Swedish city square. Music stops after a while. Very light city crowd. Some birds in the surrounding and footstep...
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