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Singing Bowl Swells (SPK0688)

Effect Length:  1.17

Some swelling sounds of a rubbed Tibetan singing bowl.
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Steady Ringing Chime (SPK0689)

Effect Length:  1.20

A steady and continuous ringing chime.
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Bowl Hits (SPK0690)

Effect Length:  2.36

Hitting a metallic bowl, several versions.
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Singing Bowls (SPK0692)

Effect Length:  2.59

Different sounds from several Tibetan singing bowls.
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Bright Whoosh (SPK0401)

Effect Length:  0.27

A bright whoosh or fly-by sound effect.
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Ghost Whoosh (SPK0402)

Effect Length:  0.06

Sounds like a ghost passing by.
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Bright Whooshes (SPK0406)

Effect Length:  0.13

A bright sci-fi fly-by sound effect.
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Bright Whoosh (SPK0409)

Effect Length:  0.10

A bright tonal vibrating whoosh sound.
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Bright Impact (SPK0410)

Effect Length:  0.04

A fast bright impact sound.
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Bright Destruction Hits (SPK0422)

Effect Length:  0.14

Hard hitting impact noise.
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