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Results for basement

Door Slam Big Reverb

Effect Length:  0.02

Door Slam Big Reverb: Door slam shut in underground garage, heavy reverb.
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Electric Furnace

Effect Length:  0.42

Eerie industrial sound of home furnace running.
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Industrial Basement Noise

Effect Length:  0.20

Noises from industrial basement.
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Pipe Noise

Effect Length:  0.18

Noises from basement pipes.
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Basement Leaky Pipe

Effect Length:  2.01

Ambience sound effect: Basement, leaky, pipes, squeaky, floor
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Production Element Metal Squeaks (SFXB 1641)

Effect Length:  2.05

Production element: Horror, metal, squeaks, in, basement
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Boiler Room Ambience (SPK0061)

Effect Length:  1.00

A basement boiler room ambience.
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Boiler Room Ambience (SPK0142)

Effect Length:  1.38

In a small boiler room.
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Metal Door (SPK0083)

Effect Length:  0.24

Metal door open and close, squeaking.
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Radiator Gurgling Sound (SPK0063)

Effect Length:  0.14

Gurgling water pipe noise.
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