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Airport Security Announcement 3

Effect Length:  0.20

Security announcement in airport.
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Airport Security Announcement 4

Effect Length:  0.18

Airport security announcement on item restrictions.
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Airport Security Checkpoint 1

Effect Length:  0.32

The sounds of security personnel and announcements at an airport security checkpoint.
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Airport Security Voices 1

Effect Length:  0.29

The sounds of an airport, including security announcements over the PA.
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Caterers Cart Rolls

Effect Length:  0.13

Rolling of a caterer's cart.
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Conveyor Belt 1

Effect Length:  0.30

High quality stereo airport baggage conveyor belt.
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Crowd: Airport Ambience Away from Crowds

Effect Length:  2.30

Crowd, Airport ambience away from crowds: Faint sounds of people walking and talking - announcer occasionally calling passengers for immediate boardin...
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Crowd: Airport Ambience Near Gates

Effect Length:  2.01

Crowd, Airport ambience near gates: People pushing trolleys, very faint voice saying 'mind your step', announcement speakers calling passengers
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Crowd: Airport Near Boarding Gate

Effect Length:  1.33

Crowd, Airport Near Boarding Gate, children and parents talking and waiting in large open indoor area
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Crowd: Airport, No Announcement Calls

Effect Length:  2.58

Crowd, Airport, No Announcement Calls: Light crowd ambience indoor, in an airport departure hall. Can also be general indoor sparse crowd.
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