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Factory Air Conditioner

Effect Length:  1.01

Industry sound effect: Factory, air, conditioning, unit, large
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Air Condition (SPK0077)

Effect Length:  0.45

Air condition fans.
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Alien Ghost Breath (SPK0802)

Effect Length:  0.24

Eerie breath sounds, somewhere between ghost and alien.
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Blow Away Blasts (SPK0804)

Effect Length:  0.26

Some windy air blasts.
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Blow Away Whooshes (SPK0729)

Effect Length:  0.20

Several whoosh sounds for games, movies and trailers.
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Dark Space Suction (SPK0885)

Effect Length:  1.09

Some long and extraordinary swoosh sounds.
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Dark Suction Whooshes (SPK0808)

Effect Length:  0.29

A collections of whoosh sounds that suck in the listener.
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Deep Monster Breath (SPK0854)

Effect Length:  0.19

Some evil low frequency monster growls.
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Deep Robot Breath (SPK0810)

Effect Length:  0.17

Mechanically and metallic sounding robot breaths.
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Dragon Fire Bursts (SPK0737)

Effect Length:  0.20

Dragon fire burst sounds for games, movies and trailers.
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